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Inform, Engage and Entertain for Maximum Participation at your Events!




The best way to connect with your audience is to engage your audience.  No one wants to attend a training session that is boring.  Your goal is to build value.  Engagement happens when you utilize material that allows you to ask the audience questions and offer them activities where they can respond to, write about or answer a question.  The idea is to involve them in the process and make your session both informative and entertaining and you can do that through engagement.


Presentations need to be interactive in order to be successful. PowerPoint and other programs will help you create interesting visuals, but pictures alone are not enough to make the audience interact. Interactions can be facilitated by different activities.


Interactive Activities:

  • Round Tables: Round tables facilitate conversation between presenters and members of the audience.
  • Stories/Testimonials:  Ask a few people to share relevant stories or testimonials and take questions. People engage with personal stories.
  • Worksheets/Activities: Use a worksheet or handout that can be completed by the audience. 

Regardless of the activities that you choose, it is imperative that you consider time constraints. The activities should enhance the information that you provide, not take its place.