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The Power of Interactivity: How Interactive Courses Can Be Used to Reach Learners of All Types

It’s our belief that you should always be learning and it should always be fun. A great learning experience will dictate how much information someone retains and how long they will retain it for. So, what makes a great learning experience?

Everyone learns differently. Some people like to get their hands dirty and while they may not be able to quote Shakespeare, they will be able to fix your car’s transmission without ever seeing a manual or video. Other people are great listeners and can sit for hours absorbing a lecture. For most people, activities that combines multiple senses and learning styles are the ones that stick in their brains. That means a great learning experience needs to be relevant, engaging, interactive, and use a variety of media.


Online learning can meet all of those criteria. It just needs to be done right.


When you use Tovuti to create a lesson, you’re given multiple tools to make awesome content. If you think of education as a game, Tovuti is your +2 Wand of Learning.  A very powerful, very sought after item that will help you in ways only you can imagine.

Take a look at the video below to get a brief glimpse of what we mean: